Childrens Martial Arts OR Video Game Couch Potatoes

Are video games turning your child into a couch potato?  Playing video games for more than three hours per day leaves a child with almost no time to complete homework, be with other people, or participate in other (better) hobbies.  If children are attracted to video games so much that they don’t want to do other things, or all they talk about is video games and nothing else, there MAY be a problem.

If you think your child if spending too much time playing video games, the time to act is NOW.

How martial arts can cure your child’s video game addiction

It might sound simple, but a program of martial arts is a great way to deal with video game addiction and form  better habits that can be used every day. The main reason for this is that there are many similarities between these two activities.

The amount of time children spend on the couch playing video games is really huge. After you spend a week finishing one game, you move onto the next.  Video gaming encourages you to eat unhealthy snacks, food that is easy to eat and not nutritious.  However, martial arts teaches real-life values like humility, honor, respect, courage, and discipline, and doesn’t leave room for the negative things caused by a video game addiction.

Martial arts is a great substitute for children who are addicted to video games and it can be the first step to getting over that addiction.  Its an awesome way to meet new people, make new friends, all the while giving kids a fun new activity.

Here are some similarities between martial arts and playing online video games:

  • Martial arts, like online video games, often requires you to play with other people, to move to new levels, and get to a goal.
  • People who train in martial arts also enjoy the company of others, much like children do when they play online video games.
  • “Leveling-up” creates a sense of reward for their effort, like moving to the next level of a video game.
  • By learning martial arts, children will learn a great hobby.  They will learn leadership skills, become more disciplined, and learn the importance of respect.

So if you’re serious about getting your children off the couch, sign them up at Karate World for martial arts classes to kick their video game addiction and get them moving.  We offer a Knee High Ninjas program, ages 4 to 7 and Taekwondo for ages 7 through adult.  Let’s get em off the couch!

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