Invite Your Friends To Take Cardio or Muay Thai Kickboxing Class With You.

So you’ve discovered the joy of kickboxing. Now, you want to get your friends to train with you, because you want them to have the same fun and excitement. You’re a good friend like that. But like most people, your friends are a little shy about joining a kickboxing class. Because they don’t know what a martial arts school can offer, they have lots of questions.

Is it a real fitness program? Can I handle it? I have no idea what to expect, will I be out of place in the group? These are all pretty common questions that people ask before they start. You had the same thoughts when you first started out too, right?

You could go on and on about the benefits of martial arts training, but there are a few things you can tell your friends that will really help make their decision to try it. Today, Karate World shares a few ways to convince your friends to take kickboxing classes with you.

1) “We Can Do It Together.”

 Most people are really unsure about joining a martial arts class.  They think they may be making fools of themselves in front of a class filled people who have been going for years. However, you can tell them that this is DEFINITELY not true. At Karate World, you’ll never be pushed to do something you can’t do.  Really your training partners will be at or around your level and experience. With you there, your friends will know they won’t be alone in class and since you’ve been a part of Karate World,  you now have lots of classmates and instructors to help you. Having a friend can make a big difference for people who are a bit shy at first.

2) “It Can Change Your Life.”

Some people don’t think they’ll get much out of martial arts. After all, they’re not just spending money; they’re also spending time and effort on a whole new idea. Remember when you didn’t know what to expect before your first martial arts class? That seems like long ago, but just like your friends, you were kind of shy too. After a short time, however, you began to see how much fun it was. More importantly, you saw results. “It can change your life” is a great thing to tell your friends because it’s absolutely true. Joining Karate World WILL change your life for the better. You’ll feel a new mental and physical strength and you’ll see the results as you become stronger, faster, and more fit.

3) “Try Something New.”

Some of your friends may already be doing some sort of workout. Maybe they hit the treadmill or lift weights every so often. While any physical activity is good, there’s nothing that pushes a person physically like kickboxing. “Try something new” is a perfect way to make your friends think about martial arts in a new way.  With each class, they’ll see improvements, and feel more comfortable and confident.

4) “Be in the best shape of your life.”

Most people go into some form of fitness program to look and feel their best. Everyone wants a slim figure, a trim waistline, and lean muscles. Being in great shape is the main benefit of physical exercise. Kickboxing can help anyone get in the best shape of their lives. Those sweat sessions kicking and punching the bag in Muay Thai class, or rocking the aerobic movements in Cardio Kickboxing to pumping music can burn an insane amount calories without you even noticing. “Be in the best shape of your life.” is an invitation to friends they won’t be able to say no to. Karate World can help them get that lean, tight body they’re looking for.

5) “It’s the most fun you’ll ever have.”

Perhaps the most important thing about a workout is being able to KEEP doing it over a long period of time. Most people stop their workout routines because let’s face it, regular workouts can become boring. Doing the same thing over and over gets old really fast. That’s not the case with martial arts.  The more you practice, the more you learn, and the results will be everything you were hoping for. One of the reasons people love Karate World’s kickboxing is because it’s really fun! “It’s the most fun you’ll ever have” is probably the most truthful promise you can make to your friends. It’s a fun-filled activity, and fun should be a part of any workout program Together you and your friend will have each other to share with and to lean on for help.

So share the benefits of our Muay Thai and Cardio kickboxing classes with your friends. Karate World asks that our students LIKE our Facebook Page and SHARE the posts so YOUR friends can see first hand what we’re all about. At Karate World, you’re only a stranger till you walk through the door.

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