Martial Arts Training or a Gym Membership, What’s Right For You?

Are you interested in getting in shape and looking as best you can? If so, you might be thinking about signing on with one of the big gyms in your area. That’s not a bad idea but if you think about what you’re really looking for,  you might prefer signing up with a martial arts school.

Differences Do Exist

A martial arts school is designed to instruct people in a fighting sport while a gym follows a bodybuilding program.  Unless you’re paying a personal trainer, you’ll be lifting weights and using the machines on your own. You might make a few friends at the gym, but hitting the gym isn’t a team sport, often it’s fairly boring. Karate World has much more of a team feeling you’ll want to come back to.

Martial Arts Schools Offer Instruction

In martial arts, you don’t train yourself. A qualified instructor helps you get the most out of your training including health and fitness benefits. In order to lose weight and get in shape in martial arts, you have to perform the techniques correctly. At a gym, you may be on your own.

Avoiding Boredom

You just might end up being bored with a gym membership. Actually, it wouldn’t just be YOU that ends up being bored it would be MOST people that sign up for a gym membership. The boredom of heading to the gym, lifting weights, walking on treadmills, etc. just doesn’t appeal to them for long.

The average “stick to it” nature of new members to a martial arts school is much greater than with a gym. This is because martial arts is more fun physically and mentally. It simply has much more to offer people which is why they’ll stick with it. Goals are set and you work to meet those goals.

Yes, You Can Get in Shape at a Martial Arts School

The workout you get at Karate World will help you develop lean muscle tone, functional muscle which is not always the case with gym workouts. Functional muscle not only improves how you look, it also keeps you healthy. Martial arts training works by developing strength and power in motion thanks to the way it targets the muscles. You’ll find yourself becoming a lot stronger and fitter as a result.

Burning Calories Made Easy…..and Fun

Martial arts workouts also help you burn lots of calories. This is why so many martial artists have such a ripped look. An hour of kickboxing burns about 700 calories. So, if you’re interested in looks, Karate World’s training will deliver the results you want.

You burn calories in a gym by using cardio equipment such as treadmills. There’s nothing wrong with working out on such equipment but it can be a little dull. Karate World is DEFINITELY not dull and boring.

Martial Arts Never Goes Out of Style

Karate World’s training builds better people through self-esteem and character. Commercial gyms don’t provide any of these while martial arts has a long history of combining the mental and physical.  Sometimes, working the mind is just as important as working the body!

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