Reasons Why You and Your Children Should Do Martial Arts

Children will emulate what they see.  Hopefully, what they see will be a good influence.  Karate World can help you to help your children put down their phones, IPads, and gaming systems and get involved in a fun, healthy activity.  They will have fun and make new friends.  Additionally, if you, as parents, also get involved, they are more apt to want to continue their participation.  So we invite you to sign up together and see how much Karate Worlds programs can instill what can become a life-long interest in the benefits of karate.

Reason 1 : They (and you) will get physically fitter.

  • Martial arts will make you faster, stronger, improve your stamina and help develop your co-ordination.
  • Physical exercise releases endorphins, leaving you feeling more motivated to do more and ready for new challenges.

Reason 2 : It will increase focus, concentration and self-esteem.

  • Students learn to reflect on what they have been taught, using their new knowledge to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Reason 3 : You will get stronger, both physically and emotionally.

  • The practice of martial arts teaches us to be confident and resilient, giving us the ability to be resourceful in the face of set backs or losses.
  • We can learn to be confident and act the way we know we should and see our way through bad times making the right choices for the situation.

Reason 4 : Martial Arts teaches the importance of goal setting and becoming a leader.

  • Martial Arts provides a fun and effective method for people of all ages to gain leadership and motivational skills.

Reason 5 : You will learn to be safe, recognise danger and the use of effective conflict resolution strategies.

  • It combines both physical and mental self-defence: what to in the case of an attack, as well as the skills necessary to be proactive in recognising and avoiding such situations in the first place.

Reason 6 : They’ll learn to breathe.

  • In martial arts your child will learn how to breathe and even relax under pressure.


Reason 7 : Fostering self-discipline.

  • Martial arts focus on movements that require concentration, flexibility and balance and learn to control their bodies as well as their emotions and instincts. Children who participate in martial arts classes from a young age, learn to behave themselves in class.

Reason 8 : Instilling a sense of respect.

  • Learning any martial arts will require your child to show respect.
  • Children who participate in martial arts classes from an early age are often found to behave better in school.

Reason 9 : Improving listening skills.

  • Your child will master superior listening skills through verbal instruction and one-on-one work in the dojo.

Reason 10 : This is a great way for kids to get exercise and have fun!

As you can see, we all can and will benefit from participating in a martial arts program.  Call Karate World for information on all of our programs.

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