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review1-compressor “Karate World has not only given my son more confidence, self-esteem and focus, but he has made new friends and loves going to his classes!”
– DF, MOM  

post2 “My family has been a part of Karate World for well over 22 years. We have participated in every facet of martial arts and beyond! Could never picture life without this great place! ”
– KP, Student  

post2 “Karate World is the best thing we could have done for our grandchild. Master Jeff Dunn and all of his staff are very professional, kind and caring. It has only been about a year since he started. He came out from a session last week and talked nonstop on how helpful Master Dunn and his instructors were. Never yelled just helped him with his combos. This kid does not always talk, smile or laugh. Thank you to everyone at Karate World.”
– JM, Grandfather   

post2 “My preteen started Karate last summer.  What an amazing change in him!  He was a quiet kid, not very social.  Karate classes with Master Dunn have changed his life. He now has better self esteem, more friends and feels great!  I am so grateful for Karate World”
– AF, Mom

post2 “I started at Karateworld, after watching my son train there for 1 year. One day Master Dunn approached me with a uniform and told me, to teach our children we must lead by example. Being in my 30’s I thought I would never be able to do the things that the kids were doing. Several years later my son and I tested together for Blackbelt. The family that kicks together sticks together. My son has grown into a wonderful young man. He had the opportunity to go with Karateworld and Master Rhee to South Korea. As a parent I am forever grateful. After 20 years at Karateworld I am still in training with other wonderful “older :)” Martial Artists. We also have the privilege to teach other students. Without Master Jeff Dunn and Karateworld, this quite woman would not be the person she is today.”
– MB, Student

post2 “My daughter went from not being able to finish a class to being a black belt who looks forward to Master Dunn’s class. She used to interrupt and become frustrated – not everyone could understand why things bothered her that didn’t bother other kids. I had a conversation with Master Jeff Dunn which changed how things were going. We worked out a private lesson with a wonderful instructor, Master Bryan Jay Panizza. She learned better self-control in a group, better discipline, and so much more. With her dad away in the military, Master Jay Panizza has also been a positive male role model for her – coming to hero night and helping her put together a routine for her talent show. She also chose to have two birthday parties in a row at Karate World. Her father helps pay for her classes, and this is one of the ways he feels connected to her when he is deployed.”
– SD, Mom

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