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Age 4 to 7 for Knee Little Ninja program  Age 7 to adult for Tae Kwon Do Age 11 and up for Kickboxing.
If your child is between the ages of 4 to 7, our Knee High Ninja program is the beginner class is for them. If your child is ages 7 and up, then our beginner White Belt class is for them.
There is a parking lot right in back of our building. If that is full, you may park in Acme parking lot and walk over.
For all little ninjas students, parents must stay on premises. For ages 7 to 12 Tae Kwon Do Students, it is up to the parents’ discretion. Please make sure that a current cell phone number is on your child’s attendance card, in case we need to reach you.

No earlier than 15 before class starts.

This is a parent Behavior Modification based program.  Red Stripe- Keeping their room and body clean.  White Stripe-Getting good grades in school and behaving at school. Blue Stripe-Being Respectful to their parents and everyone else around them

For both Knee High Ninjas and Tae Kwon Do is usually held the last Friday of each month at 8pm.  Testing is held in class on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday of that week before
Our policy is that we can freeze your lessons but not our tuition.  If you need to take off time for medical reasons or another reason for more than 3 weeks. You must notify the front desk and fill out a form. Then we will extend your membership for the additional time that you are taking off. Your membership tuition is still due as stated in when you sign up.

We do not rise to the level of our expectations

We fall to the level of our training